Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have pictures, I really do. Not a lot, and probably not great ones, but they do exist. They are on a new camera that I haven't decided if I like yet. D got me a new one for christmas and it wasn't very good so we exchanged it for this one. It's not super either, but maybe I'm just too picky. Sometimes downloading photos then uploading to proper site then transferring to blog is just too much, so I stall. Sorry.

There is no way I could ever participate in a speed event at the olympics. How do they maintain any sense of control when flying that fast?? I'd be out of my mind.

Finished a Nicholas Sparks book today. I enjoy his writing, it's mindless but well-written... a good escape.

Jackie Lee has been great at journaling a little each day on her blog. Just recording a few things that happened so there is a memory. I like that. I want to do more of that but fight the fact that it might make this blog incredibly mundane. Although I don't think Jackie's is mundane.

We're moving. Most days the excitement outweighs the nervousness and sadness. Those moments still come, but I'm happy and excited about our decision and opportunity. We fasted last Sunday for renters for our current home. At 9 p.m. that evening we had a call from what turns out to be the perfect couple. After a week of decision making, we have secured them for a year which is fantastic. It was an immediate and powerful testimony of fasting with a purpose in mind. Transition happens mid-March.

We have abandoned all high-chairs and booster seats in our house and are learning to sit still while eating. Sometimes we struggle. Seneca can always find something fascinating to look at out the window behind her and Beckham is constantly practicing acrobatics in his chair. Tonight he slipped and fell face-first into the tile. He cut his little lip in two places and after some love was anxious to return to his food. Priorities. He'll have a fat lip for a while, which will probably add to his charm.

Thank you for your contributions to Writing Project 2010. First installment is coming. It will take discipline to carve out time to write as it is with anything worthwhile I suppose. If you have not submitted a word, feel free to add to the pot.

I love bedtime. Theirs. Mine. It's an inspired time of day.


Katelyn & Wade said...

lucky you. i've been fasting with a purpose in mind for two years. give bexie pants a kiss on the lippes for me.

bren hatch said...

Tell me about this process you do..."Sometimes downloading photos then uploading to proper site then transferring to blog." Seems like too many steps for me...

49 Warren Ave., Tuckahoe, NY 10707 said...

Hey! We're moving mid march, too, and to Phoenix. Thanks for chatting the other day. It was really helpful. Good luck with your move.

Treona said...

Congrats on beginning the process to move. I am sure it is a relief to have the decision made but also somewhat of a worry of putting the next steps together. But it sounds like you've made the right choice and have some help from above on your side. :)

I have reconsidered my suggestion for your writing project 2010. I think you have written about my suggested topic in the past....so if it's still up for consideration I change my sugestion to....some experience on being spontaneous.