Monday, February 15, 2010

the mountain

Cooper has been asking to go to "the mountain." Denten thinks it's a cryin' shame that South Mountain qualifies as an actual mountain after growing up in Utah. But, it's what we've got, so we go with it! We went to play on the mountain this afternoon, hiking, exploring, climbing, throwing rocks, finding sticks... my kids had a ball. It was fun to see them look out for each other, to hear Seneca ask Beckham if he was ok, if he wanted to hold her hand. Cooper is faster than the rest of us and was great to wait for us now and then and find great sticks for his brother. Seneca is fearless and thinks she can climb anything. Beckham fell down a lot and got up with a grunt, saying, "I ok, mom." It was gorgeous today, 74 degrees, perfect for running around and exploring. Today, I love the mountain, even if it shouldn't be qualified as such!

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Nancy said...

i love family hikes.