Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOVE month, day 4

Today I love:

yellow corn tortilla chips

pebble ice

a good turkey sandwich with avocado

breakfast burritos

top ramen. sorry, mom. it's true

baked goods involving chocolate

especially doughnuts

chicken tacos

pasta, preferably with homemade pesto

good asian

virgin strawberry daiquiris. on a beach.

hot cocoa. in the yurt.

and much, much more.


Misty said...

I'm lovin' the theme today. I also love turkey sandwiches with avocado and top ramen.

I was going to tell you this a while ago regarding the pebble ice. This may seem silly but the next time you see your doctor you might want to check with him/her about the ice craving. It might be pica, which is the craving of an unusual substance. It is usually because of a lack of a mineral or vitamin in your body. I had a constant ice craving while pregnant with Piper and it turns out that I had pica, which in my case was low iron. (You can have pica when you're not pregnant too.) Or I might just be an alarmist and you really just like ice.

Tutz said...

Get your pica checked-

Jess said...

I'm hungry! :)

The Hunt's said...

Tutz, you about had me falling off my chair.

I love donuts too. But I prefer Lava Flows (pina coloda + strawberry daquiri) Remember when we were in Mexico and Boogs had been ordering daiquiri's for like 4 days, non-virgin, until we figured it out. Hy-sterical.

I also love that you keep your panties dry. Hy-freaking-sterical again. And I love Cooper kicking a soccer ball.

Treona said...

I got your message about my address...and sent you an email but am not sure if you got it. If not, my address hasn't changed. We are still in the same Springfield, VA address.