Thursday, February 4, 2010

our potty adventures

It should be obvious by the title of this post that it involves adventures in the bathroom. If you are not ok with that, please move ahead with your computer tasks.

Seneca has had the hang of big girl underwear for over a month now and yet, it seems she still thinks she needs treats after going. She'll be playing and ask for a treat. I will say no and after thinking for a minute, she'll head for the bathroom. After doing her business she'll ask, "mom, can I have a potty treat?" shoot. She's smart. I try to tell her that we don't get treats every time we go, but for a while there, she did. Major bummer when the treats start fading out.

Sometimes when I emerge from the bathroom Seneca will ask me, "mom, you go potty?" Indeed I did. "good job, mommy!" thank you. "mommy, your panties dry?" yes, seneca. "I'm so proud of you mommy, you keep your panties dry!!" Seeing as my love language is words of affirmation, she's so good for my self-esteem.

Beckham has eased off enough in this process that he doesn't always have to be physically present when she does her business in the bathroom, but he still considers himself the official flusher. He'll let her do her thing, let me help with my part and then we are excused while he takes care of the flushing. He takes his job very seriously.

I must say, life with only one in diapers is significantly different than two. More so than I anticipated. Piece of cake, really. Although, I'll be happy as can be when Beckham decides he's ready for his turn on the potty. And, I'll also be very happy to start all over again with newborn diapers when the time comes. Join me in prayer that it happens sooner rather than later, will you? We've got the folks at Navajo Family Services on the job. They helped find me a winner last time, I'm sure they'll do it again.


Sandi said...

Okay, potty stories generally get ignored by me, however, since it was your cute kids I couldn't resist reading when this popped up and I had a minute to read. Seneca is a treasure. You may want to point out to Becham that if he wants to keep flushing the toilet it has to be his potty business :-)

Annika said...

Good luck with the newborn diaper hope! I will send good wishes your direction. So exciting!!!

Steph said...

Thats funny. I thought two was such a breeze after three. But I have to say, none is diapers is much more satisfying!!! Who knew this day would come? ;)

Leslie said...

Thank you, thank you for sending me the potty-training info! It worked! We're only on day four, but so far so good! Your kids sure are cute! We'll keep you in our prayers that soon you'll have baby # 4 to hold. . . and someday potty train. :)