Sunday, March 21, 2010

a night at the fair.

The Native American Bar Association of Arizona held a fundraiser at Whirlwind, a world-class golf course on the Gila River reservation.  Denten enjoyed a fantastic 18 holes at a course on which he could spend every weekend.  Thankfully he loves us, so he came home, packed us up and went back to Sacaton.  Mul-chu-tah is a festival with a carnival, fair and rodeo.  Several times I had to take a deep breath and try not to be grossed out at the environment, but the kids had a great time!  Let’s just say that the food offered at a fair is all completely disgusting to me.  There was good fry bread, but really, there is a reason that 90% of the people that frequent carnivals are overweight.  And the dust, and the germs… eeek.

Anyway, we had fun together.

fair7 Seneca enjoyed the music and is not shy.

fair1 fair2

That’s my white kid with his hands up.   Denten commented as Cooper was waiting in line that no one would ever guess he was a registered member of a nationally recognized indian tribe.  Nope, he just looks white.


Coop and his first attempt at darts.  Thankfully he popped a balloon, whew!


This one fit right in, and I think she helped me fit in.  We saw one other white person all night.  Holding Seneca’s hand somehow made it ok for me to be there.  Otherwise, my boys and I were quite a sight.



The desert, to me, is mostly flat, brown and ugly, but it does occasionally provide the setting for a gorgeous sunset.


Amy said...

From looks, no one would probably guess that Denten is a registered member as well. I admire you're dedication to keeping the culture alive in your kids. It will serve them well to know where they come from. And Seneca...well I just love her.

Leslie said...

You mean fried twinkies aren’t part of the food pyramid? Weird. Just kidding. I’m with you on the whole fair experience. But the kids always have fun, and it looks like your children had a ball, so mission accomplished!