Friday, March 19, 2010


I thought my tailbone was healed, until I tried to jump around this morning for cindy. I was mistaken. I was reminded again this evening as I tried to do hand-stands and cartwheels with cooper. Major ouch. I'm blaming it completely on the ice injury and not at all on the fact that I may be getting old.

I took a grocery bag into the playroom today and came out with it full of garbage. It was satisfying. How do we accumulate so much junk?! Junky toys, stickers, old art projects... be gone, all of you! A few more boxes packed means less junk temporarily resides in my home. I like the simplified look we have going on. Is it ok if we just don't unpack when we get to the new place?!

The kids were outside playing before 8 a.m. Rain clouds were threatening, but the sun won today. Just in case the chlorine incident of a few days ago wasn't enough around here, Seneca decided to dump the gas can on the side of the house and splash around in it this morning. Ugh. Yes, I promise there are no more toxic chemicals in my back yard for her discovery. My dad asked that I please not be that mom that appears on the Today show for allowing my children to play with such things. That is not one of my life goals. It was nice, however, to have lunch and dinner served outside so my freshly mopped kitchen floor stayed that way. A huge plus considering rice was a component of dinner and there is no way on earth for that to be a clean meal.

Coop is mastering his sight words and loves to find new games where he can beat me. He asked me today how to say "tornado" in Spanish. I didn't have that one on the top of my head, so I said "tornado" with a latin accent. He told me he'd like to take a spanish class so he can know what all the words are in spanish. Sounds like a good idea to me. He also informed me that he'd like to take a dance class. This was as he was jumping, doing 360s in the air during the evening dance party around here (the one in which I was attempting hand-stands). He said it's what people did when they ice skated. Thank you, Olympics. He and Seneca were twirling each other around and he decided he wanted to know more moves. Sure... spanish and dance. No problem.

I took advantage of the Gap friends and family discount today. Hopefully we will be stocked for summer. More hopefully, everything will fit when it arrives! I like shopping for my kids. Beckham always gets the raw end of the deal when I shop. It's hard to justify spending moola on him when he's got great stuff that Cooper used to wear. Coop and Senny, however, need all new stuff, every season. That's hard to keep up with!

Between church and work obligations, we have seen very little of dent lately. His list is long and keeps growing. I know the feeling. However, he commented this week that he'd rather "be slammed than be damned with no work to do." Amen to that. I love that he's happy being busy. I love that Heaven showers me with extra love and patience when the end of my rope is near and dad still has a few more hours at the office.

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