Thursday, March 18, 2010

writing project, 2010: enthusiasm.

The word is enthusiasm.  Submitted by Maren, one of my dear New York friends, whom I admire an incredible amount.  If you know her, it is certain that she has blessed your life.  If you don't, make it point to meet her in the hereafter, it will be well worth your time.

I already knew I needed to post today about Beckham, so when I pulled this word out of the bowl today, it was destiny. 

Beckham lives life with enthusiasm.  The down side to my writing about him is that you can't hear or see him in action.  He has not learned the concept of drudgery, or doing something for any other reason than because he wants to.  He wakes up in the morning with enthusiasm, happy to greet whoever he sees first with a huge smile and "hello, mom!"  He is enthusiastic about eating, getting dressed, putting on shoes, getting in the car, playing outside, etc.  I have described him as "jolly" in the past because to me happy combined with roly-poly just sounds like jolly.


(they say he looks like his dad… spittin’ image of when he was little… I can’t see it, can you??)

One thing that epitomizes his enthusiasm is the inflection in his voice.  Beckham gives out "thank yous" freely and each time it sounds as if you've made his whole day.  His gratitude is sincere and full of energy.

One of the things Maren mentioned about enthusiasm when she submitted her word is that it means, "God with us."  I can see Him in Bex.  I can see the pure, unadulterated light of Christ in this little boy.  He is not tainted.  He is honest and unfiltered.  He has not yet learned to alter his authenticity.   While he is learning every day and imitating behaviors he sees in his older siblings, he still possesses the angelic quality that was with him when he arrived.  It is all I can do not to crawl into his crib at night when I check on him sleeping soundly.  His cheeks call out to me.



Beckham has had something oozing from him for the last while and I haven't been able to place it, but perhaps it is enthusiasm. While I love to see him and hear him, the sense that I relish the most right now is touch.  I am completely attracted to him and can't get enough.  He has been giving hugs freely and kisses me just for the reaction, which I am thrilled to give.   His skin is soft and smooth, his eyes are dark brown and big and take in the world while smiling.  He wanders around with a little spring in his step and is ready to race to wherever the action is.  His hair is still fine and soft. His body is still squishy and his energy is abundant and displayed in mostly positive ways.  I want to put him in a bottle and keep him just like this forever. 


I’m not sure when the transformation takes place, when they go from being soft children to tough big kids, but I hope he goes easy on me.  He has been irresistible to me and despite his whiny moments, he is a light in our home.   Beckham is enthusiasm, and he's good for my soul.


photo courtesy of the coopster.


Leslie said...

Well that was just a lovely post! I really enjoy your writing. I know what you mean about wanting to bottle up our little ones and keep them just the way they are forever. I really wish they didn't grow up so fast.

Stephens Family said...

Ahhhh, he really is a jolly, enthusiastic little guy. I was actually thinking today how he went from baby to little boy so fast. Maybe we just don't see you guys enough...and I do see Denten in him. Totally!

Joni said...

He looks like loads of fun. I really really wanna meet him. Also, he has the best eyes. EVER.

The Silly Witch said...

Thanks Amberly. I needed that today. I felt a huge burst of your beautiful energy.

I love Coop's photography. He's definitely got a photographer's eye.

As for Bex, I'm glad I can know him through your blog. I'd like to plant my lips on those soft cheeks, as well.

Steph said...

Beautifully written. Makes me love Beckham even more too!

Katelyn & Wade said...

Ah, jolly. That is perfect. Bexie-licious's cheeks call to all of us. If I only I were there more often to answer the call. I can barely stand it.