Wednesday, March 17, 2010

march 17

- I'm not a very good holiday mom. I have great ideas, they just come too late to do anything about them! good day, nonetheless.

- went to pick up moving boxes from kelly... and ended up with the entire back of dutch FULL of boxes. what a saint she is!

- visited san tan village shopping center today in search for fundraiser items. it is an outdoor shopping area that has super fun stores. I wished a few times that I was there wandering with my mom and sisters rather than with my children, but it was fun anyway. it was 77 degrees today and we enjoyed lunch outside after our shopping errands were done. we spent fun time in barnes and noble and came away with great auction items from there and the aveda salon next door. sisters, next time you're here, I'm ditching my children and taking you on a shopping date!

- charmed the nice man at AT&T customer service into issuing a refund considering they charged us a full month's bill for 9 days of phone usage. glad we're done with them.

- enjoyed a pleasant chat with kari at poison control after seneca found some chlorine tablet pieces in the backyard. "it's spicy, mom!" yeah, bet it is. she's fine.

- ate pesto stromboli for dinner. it was green and you know what today is. it was a yummy, easy recipe courtesy of the domestic goddess down the street. the kids loved it.

- sent cooper with denten to help a sister in the ward move furniture back into her house. bathed the little ones, rinsing sand out of their hair from the park. wiping up my bathroom floor from the cup fulls of water that seemed to erupt every 15 seconds. seneca had beckham laughing so hard he couldn't see straight. I'm pretty sure little kids laughing is the best sound in the world.

- I've got a new group energy session in the works on health and weight loss. I'm sure about the topic, but the date is still eluding me.

- I've gotten into the habit of lazy afternoons. It's so easy to be unproductive when the kids entertain themselves outside all afternoon! I need to get back in packing and cleaning mode. Maybe my actions will prove that I have faith this house will actually close!! I think I've been in denial.

- I intended to take pictures today, but you'll recall my small camera is out of commission. I'll make a better effort tomorrow.


Mandy said...

When your done with the boxes, can we take them off your hands?

The Kelly Variety said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a pleasant chat with the poison control, I usually hate them!

I'll have to try one of those tablets with my Mexican food it is lacking in the spice factor.