Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the reason for the vacay.

The setting: the Snake Mountains overlooking the Teton Range.

The snow is soft, it’s steep, it’s untouched.

How do you get access to fresh powder like this?




Well, you ride in one of these, of course!


load your crew and your gear into a helicopter, have the pilot fly you as high as possible, where no one else has been and take turns swooshing down the entire mountain. try not to wipe out. repeat over and over again.


denten, lindsay

DSCN0171 DSCN0179

katelyn, dad


lindsay, katelyn, wade, dad, denten

denten is a man of few words, and he doesn’t throw them around lightly. he deemed the experience amazing.


Nancy said...

how awesome. too bad i'm too wimpy to try that.

is it just me or does cooper look exactly like lindsay?

Cammi said...

I love that you guys made that pattern in that fresh snow!! That looks so cool and like so much fun!!

Sandi said...

I just want to know if you skied or if you just road on the helicopter both up and down to take pictures?

Amberly said...

I was invited on the getaway, but not in the helicopter. I'm what they classify as a "resort skiier." Gotta have more skills than I do to ski this stuff! Ten years living away from the mountains hasn't been great for my ski skills!

Torey said...

Sounds like quite the experience, and one D will hopefully never forget. Maybe next year you'll be classified as helicopter worthy, eh... ?

Scrap Happy said...

SIGH - this is on my to-do list before I die. Looks amazing.

Amy said...

Totally jealous...and bummed that your skilled were not up to par. That probably means mine aren't either. dang. This is on my list of things to do before I die. I better start brushing up on my skills!

kimmalee said...

That looks absolutely amazing. Makes me wish that I could ski. Fantastic pictures too!

The Hansen's said...

Yes, those pictures are amazing! What wonderful company as well. I'm glad you guys had a nice get away.

Treona said...

Wow, that is incredible. Denten has sure had some amazing experiences in the past year and pushed himself physically. So cool!