Thursday, March 4, 2010

cold feet.


I lost a slipper. I've had them for longer than I can remember and they live on my feet when I'm at home. I have perpetually cold feet and during the winter months socks alone just don't cut it. Somehow, however, one of my slippers has disappeared. It was a sad, sad week for my left foot.

I bought new warm, furry boots last week in Jackson, and then wore them all week because the footwear I had taken with me simply wasn't adequate. My boots are like little warm cozy coats for my feet and they are so happy.

It was less than 20 degrees in Jackson. Perfectly acceptable to wear fuzzy boots. It is about 65 degrees here. Still acceptable? I was cold (surprise, surprise) Monday and wore my cozy boots and a sweater to fresh and easy to grab some food before Dianna left. I was perfectly comfortable.. it was chilly outside! But as I entered the store I was passed by a girl wearing a mini-skirt, bare legs and flip-flops. I took a look at myself and wondered who looked more ridiculous. I mean, Phoenix has a reputation for being nice all year, and it is, but it's still winter... isn't it??

I'm sticking with the fact that my feet are much happier in layered footwear then sandals this time of year. Besides, they double as slippers until the elusive left one decides to come out of hiding. And we simply can not have cold feet.


Emily said...

You did ask the kids right? Because you know one of them hid it. :)

The Hansen's said...

I see no problem with warm toes, no matter where you live. :)

Treona said...

I have the same problem - it seems no circulation gets to my feet and so my feet are constantly cold in the winter. I wouldn't even think of wearing flip-flops until it was at least 80 degrees.