Friday, March 5, 2010

fighting back tears

There are things about South Phoenix that  I can’t wait to escape from… my neighbor’s crazy loud music, the frequent search helicopters overhead, the lack of great places to eat, shop, frequent… but there are things that are killing me to leave behind.  This list is longer and probably deserves a few posts.

One of the biggies is Coop’s preschool.  I can not describe how fantastic it has been for him, for us.  It has been such a great environment for him; he has learned and laughed and thrived, both socially and academically.  Ms. Krysten is doing exactly what she was made for and Mr. Andy is the funniest person Cooper knows.  We’ve been anticipating his last day for a while, but I kept secretly hoping it would never come.  Cooper prepared pictures and notes for each of his friends and made his favorite cookies to share.  The kids in this class are tight, they love each other and get along so well.  Ms. Krysten made today a positive experience allowing Coop to share the fun things about his new house and shifting gears quickly when he got quiet and sad.  He had a chance to give each of his friends a hug and say good-bye.

As I picked him up and we said our good-byes, I had to turn to wipe my eyes.  A place that has had such great energy and given such confidence to a child is never easy to leave behind.  This school is more expensive than any other around, but it has been worth every penny.  I’m sad for Cooper and I’m sad for my others that won’t get to have this same experience.  I know that something else great will fall into place for each of them, but this has been a terrific blessing for our family.

Mr. Andy, Coop getting tickled from behind and Ms. Krysten




I’m very grateful for both of them and the influence they have had on Cooper.  With all the junk in the world, it is a blessing to have great people help me teach my kids.


Karen said...

that is so hard I am sorry , Payton had to say goodbye to her preschool about a month ago and it was sad. Where are you moving to?

Sandi said...

What a great start to education.

tenacious d said...

Moves can be so hard. Despite its drawbacks, it always sounded like you guys were in a good place for you at the time, with good friends, a good ward and a good school for Coop. Mesa will probably be just as good, maybe in different ways.

What's your new house like? Will you have a pool? I am so envious of people who have their own pool.