Sunday, March 7, 2010

a moment of silence, please.

let's take a moment. and be grateful for the few days last week that this mama was able to use the bathroom in peace. you know, like three full minutes without anyone needing my assistance immediately, without anyone needing my physical body, without anyone needing my seat.

* silence *

ah, thank you. those were lovely days. you see, since my house has become busy with little people, I have always looked forward to the times when nature calls because it means I am all by myself for a few precious minutes, but alas, they have figured out where I am and peace is no longer attainable. sigh.

we're going again on a jet plane, but this time they are coming with me. and I'm glad about it because we are going to have a wonderful time. snow, skiing, grandparents... a perfect winter wonderland. it will be fantastic, even if I don't get to go to the bathroom in peace. oh, and I found my slipper!! just in time, whew.

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Annika said...

Mine know where that hide out is too! Blast!