Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dent dropped us off at the airport this morning and it was BUSY. We had plenty of time before our flight, but standing in multiple long lines was not ideal with my little busy crew. We had serious help from our angels today! We avoided the mega-long check-in line by slipping through the first-class line. We passed zillions of people in the security line and walked right to the front, courtesy of the "family line." We were originally assigned 4 seats on the plane, NONE of which were remotely close to each other. This doesn't work well when two of the passengers are two years old! We had great gate agents that made changes easily for us so we could all be together. We had a flight attendant from heaven who was loaded with extra patience and fun. Coop was fantastic on the plane, doing his workbook and projects. Seneca was happy about everything, happy about Cinderella (thank you sis. carter!), happy about snacks, happy about looking out the window. Beckham was friendly, saying "hi" to everyone who passed. He had a few turbulent moments on the plane, but we survived without any scars.

Gram and Grandpa picked us up, helped with luggage, car seats and kids. Took us to get some lunch then hunkered down for the 2-hour drive up the mountain during naptime. There were no naps, but again, we've had much worse as far as road trips go. The destination is just as everyone remembered it... fantastic. Cooper has already created a show for us in the basement.. it's amazing what he can come up with using beanbags, hula-hoops, balls and his body. A virtual circus, I tell you. Beckham is smitten with Grandpa and has found a best pal. Seneca and Gram made necklaces together and she's just happy to be here.

Tomorrow we explore the winter wonderland that is outside... ah, vacation.


Stephens Family said...

Did you wave to Boise for me?? Enjoy the beautiful snow and that beautiful house!!

Steph said...

I think its time for us to have one of those...a vacation. Enjoy! ;)