Thursday, March 11, 2010


another ski day. it was terrific. cooper had another lesson and came out of it skiing with greater confidence and control than tuesday. he handled the bigger hills easily, it was fun to ski with him. he has his own ideas about where to ski and how to turn and he has such a good time. dad gave me a few more pointers and I can feel that progress will push my body, I wish I had more opportunities to keep working. I was warm and enjoyed the conversation with my dad.

senny and bex did easter crafts with gram. there was more dancing and singing in the basement. there were more card games. there was bad news from home. d's car was broken into at the church and his briefcase was stolen. too much important stuff in there. getting the window fixed will be a pain, but the goods stolen are concerning. while the entire situation is frustrating, we know it could have been much worse and we're grateful it wasn't.

headed home tomorrow. bummer this week is coming to a close, but we think dad misses us a lot. having such a great winter getaway makes me wish we lived closer to a four-season climate, but it also makes me grateful for the opportunity to come here and enjoy winter with my family each year.


Emily said...

I'm so sorry about Denten's briefcase. Things like that are so unnerving. I'm glad he was safe.

jayme said...

That is aweful! We had our car broken into once at the church too, for basketball. Our stereo and cds were stolen, except for the book of mormon soundtrack from seminary :) Our ward in Mesa had "security" in the parking lot anytime there was a meeting at the the church. Just members driving around for an hour a turn. They just didn't do it at night during basketball. So sad that people will take advantage of those of us worshiping the Lord.