Friday, March 12, 2010


it was hard to drive away. I'm not much of a winter gal, but I sure enjoyed my winter activities this past week. mega thanks to gram for letting me go play. mega thanks to gram for holding the bag so cooper didn't get sick all over the car today while driving down the canyon. mega thanks to gram for tickling the heck out of beckham in the car so he didn't drive me berserk. mega thanks to gram and grandpa for a super fun week.

can't say the plane ride home was quite as smooth as the one getting there, but we survived and so did the guy in front of beckham, even though he probably questioned that at times. I have incredibly cheerful, friendly children. the exuberance is a little over the top at times. I have absolutely no idea where they get that from. perhaps their dad. he's really over the top.

speaking of dad, we finally found him and believe me, the reunion wasn't a quiet one. I was ready to get out of the car and walk home, the volume and energy in the car was way too much for me. but we're home. back to reality. lots to do and most of it isn't super fun, but such is life.

cooper and I are already planning our next winter excursion. cooper made sure to invite his dad along. he's got lots of things to show him on the ski hill.

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