Sunday, March 14, 2010

this week.

saturday: 70 mile bike ride for dad, a much shorter run for me. picking up around the house, playing outside. visiting the bank to get a few details worked out regarding the stolen checkbook. a trip to the temple and dinner with dent.

sunday: dent made pancakes and handled the first hour of the day while I laid in bed and read my book. he left for meetings and we got ready for church. survived the three hours and am grateful that at least cooper came home with something valuable. he learned that we can all be missionaries and had a few ideas for us on how we do that. more reading and a nap. made milwaukee corn chowder for dinner. it was yummy, I should post it.

this week:
- I've got to transfer all of my auto-debits to a new account. a pain, but shouldn't take too long.
- get to costco
- return movies to shello and pay her $7
- return dishes to their various owners
- monitor learning time. preschool is done and cooper and I have come up with a plan for the week of things we want to accomplish. he's excited about sight words, the solar system puzzle and a trip to the children's museum.
- work on shapes with seneca and beckham. they are getting it about 75% of the time, gotta get 'em down.
- get deposits to the bank
- suby's window fixed. poor thing.
- take care of the ice maker.
- don't forget st. patrick's day.
- keep calm and carry on.

we are working with the seller (bank) of our new home to get a few things fixed before we move in and therefore our closing date has been pushed back again. I don't mind- I'm not in a huge hurry and I want the stuff done with the house. I feel like I'm in limbo a little, but our renters are flexible and we're in a good spot.

I fell last week in mccall. the driveway at the cabin was sheer ice, seriously just like a luge chute. I was trying to get in position to get a pic of the kids on the toboggan and wiped out good. the classic feet flying up, landing right on my tailbone and back. whacked my head and elbow and smashed the camera into the ground. I laid there for a minute thinking I was going to die and then realized I could actually move, it just hurt. a lot. anyway, I healed right up and the only permanent damage is the poor camera. it wasn't the big nice one, but it was new and not cheap. major bummer.

I've been working on our Mother's Day fundraiser for Joete's Playground. I'm really excited about it, I think it will be so great. We have awesome people helping out. I'll post more details about that soon.

now I need to make a treat. here's to a productive week!


brenda hatch said...

Don's camera was $400, so we decided to cover it under our policy for $3/year. It's worth it for the few bucks I think! I also have my wedding ring covered. That is $40/year. I love saving money, but the camera and ring are precious to us :)

Annika said...

Bummer about your tail bone and your camera! Not a bad idea to put it on your home owners.

The Silly Witch said...

You. Are. AMAZING!

Emily said...

That driveway can be so darn slippery. I'm so sorry about your camera, but I'm really glad your body is okay. Good luck with all the movin stuff!