Monday, March 15, 2010

I need better titles.

are you tired of me posting daily when I don't have big news? well, (said as kindly as possible) you aren't obligated to read! journaling... that's the purpose.

spent two hours on the phone today talking to various customer service agents getting our auto-debit accounts changed over. yes, it was a pain, but I think everything is in place. gotta make a few manual payments, but I can handle that.

made it to costco, and fresh and easy. cooper was in charge of the shopping list. he led us through the store, read things off the list and crossed them off when we found what we were looking for. it's fun to see him become familiar with new words.

we used boston's game today with sight words. we have a stack of cards with words on them. if he got the word on the first try, it went into his pile. if he missed it, it went into mine. there were cookies on the line. the one with the biggest pile got the cookies. he killed me, thankfully. we went over the few he missed and he enjoyed his cookies. he spent quiet time doing his math workbook and art projects. he worked on math flashcards while I got dinner ready.

we did pork tacos today for dinner group. the pork didn't shred as easily as it has before, but it was yummy. we added creamy cilantro dressing from f&e and it was good.

I'm reading "the last song," or whatever the latest nicholas sparks novel is called. I like the story, but it's tainted seeing as I know miley cyrus plays the female lead in the movie. I'm not a fan of hers. I might see it anyway because i'm a sucker for his stories. anybody wanna go?

I'm waiting to hear on a few possible donations for Joete's fundraiser. It's coming together well, although having the website up will help a ton.

got a trip to the children's museum in the works for thursday morning after music class. anybody wanna meet us there?

lots of friends are moving from our ward. some because they want to and some because circumstances are crappy. I like my friends and my little comfort zone here. In some ways it makes it easier to leave knowing that lots of things will be different, but there are still a few that I try not to think about leaving. if only I could take them in my pocket.

d just walked in. he doesn't have a window in suby yet. poor, poor suby.


Scrap Happy said...

Bring over that book when you're done - I've read about 5 of his books in the last month, and I finished one yesterday... sigh... why do I keep reading them, when each brings me to tears??

Tiffany Ann said...

I want to try the cookie word game, it sounds really fun!