Saturday, April 3, 2010

before I forget

moving day.

-between yesterday and today, there were four truck loads that brought our life from sophex to the homestead. if I shorten southern phoenix to sophx, should it have an "e" in it?

-I was wondering how things would go without any family here to help, but in the end our family showed. shellie took my kids. nick moved two full loads and carried immeasurable pounds. wade, brett, eric, trent and bro. myers hauled it all out to the truck, even the piano. I didn't watch, but I listened to the strategizing and it was entertaining. wade kept beckham out of the street. trent kept calling me sis. robinson. maybe it's a bishop thing. I told bro. myers that he could still come see me once a month in my new house. he's my favorite home teacher. I cried for the first time as I drove Dutch full of stuff out to the new place, hating that I was leaving them behind. they have become our family, in every sense of the word.

- a last minute call to our new elders quorum pres produced more people that I could keep track of. on incredibly short notice we had at least 15 guys here laughing, unloading, introducing themselves. I was amazed. they just kept coming. it took 20 minutes to unload our entire truck. they came back for the next load. they helped decrease the size of the pile in the garage taking my direction and moving boxes to their appropriate rooms. they put beds together and moved dressers into place. they truly were amazing, and so happy to help.

- I am not a big fan of photo radar. I believe had my picture taken yesterday and while I probably looked fabulous, I'm not so sure I will appreciate the mail they will be sending me.

- I think Ben would be proud of me. After the last few days, my hands feel like sandpaper. We were too late in realizing gloves are a good idea when moving. There were none to be found, but it made me feel tough. My hands are rough and I have a couple of bloody knuckles. It means I worked hard.

- exhaustion has taken on new meaning. I have been driving dangerously tired. keeping my eyes open and my concentration sharp is sometimes just too much to ask. my bed is going to feel heavenly tonight.

- the easter bunny needs to find us at our new house. there will be breakfast cake and surprises, a day enjoying conference and getting settled. I wish I could say sleeping in, but these children of mine rarely make it past 6 a.m. these days.

- this new abode has a lot of windows that do not have window coverings. there is no one that can see in them, so it doesn't make me nervous, but it's a new feeling when it's dark outside. I love them when it's light. also, this house is cool, as in temperature cool. I don't know if the mature trees or the block construction, but it stays much cooler than the sophex house. that will help immensely with the a/c bill. and don't worry, I already unpacked my jacket and slippers.

it was a good day. I was grateful several times.


Ashlee said...

It is super hard to leave that family. I had to keep the tears back. Such a fantastic group of people and your post takes me back to those grateful/sad moments.

It is comforting to meet the new crowd and realize there are caring people in the new place too!

Thumbs on lower ac. Good luck settling in and I am sending you all the best energy!

McKelle said...

6am? I couldn't do it. I sleep until my kids wake me up...usually 8:30 (if not later). No wonder you're tired. Moving an entire house is exhausting. Sounds like things went well with your move. Are pictures of this new house coming?

Joni said...

That's so awesome that you had so much extra help! That always makes things easier. Glad you're in the new place. Happy Easter.

The Silly Witch said...

Good luck with the unpacking, etc. I'm so glad you had a lot of people to help you. Good luck with it all.