Sunday, April 4, 2010

my house was so cold last night it was like we were camping. neither of us wanted to get out of bed, it was too chilly. the kids, however, had no problem getting out of bed. at 2:30, 3:00 and 4:30. Beckham never went back to sleep after that and neither did I.

It was so cold, my rolls did not rise for breakfast cake. they were still small, sitting in the bunt pan this morning. tried to help them along in a warm oven, but it wasn't the same. we improvised. dinner wasn't any better. plan A smelled oh so good but note to self: this stove is hotter than the last. scorched the pasta sauce. plan B was also a flop. plan C worked, but it was no fancy easter dinner! we are currently without a microwave. I think that adds to the "camping" or "survival" feel we've had around here.

lots of boxes unpacked today. loved having conference on. it was nice to have something familiar sounding through the house as so much around me is not right now. after failed dinner and nap time disasters, I had my first official meltdown. I don't know why I fought it so much, I was much more productive after a good cry!

I need to put sunscreen by the back door. The kids will be outside every day and beckham has had rosy cheeks for four days. They are doing a great job at putting away their outside toys when it's time to come in, although they would prefer not to come in. just bring dinner outside!

I had on a long sleeve shirt, jacket, heavy lounge pants, socks and slippers all day. It was much cooler in our house than outside. it's a little bizarre, but again, if it stays this way through the summer, hallelujah.

pictures are coming, many have requested. I need to get joete's playground baskets photographed and posted and then you may have a peek at this cavern. thanks for your patience as well as your well-wishes. I had a heavy moment of loneliness come over me today, but I know keeping busy will help those pass quickly. Seneca asked today why I brought some kitchen stuff from home. I told her this is our home now. "no, this is our new house. our home is far away." she knows this is the new house and she knows we moved, but it's so hard to understand that this is permanent, not a vacation. I am grateful my littles are good playmates. cooper said today that we haven't had any friends come over to our new house yet. well, first, we've only been here a day and second, we don't have any friends here yet! school starts for him this week, we plan to remedy that right away.

sorry for the lack of flow. 4:30 wake-up calls, busy days and no naps are leaving me a little scattered. I just want to remember some of this transition. like how beckham would not, for the life of me, stay in his bed for a nap this afternoon, but crashed at 4:30 p.m. and just kept sleeping. like how cooper loves to "sneak" around, finding me, but not letting me see him. like how seneca could play outside all day as long as she gets her snacks every now and then. like how denten is a hard worker, a great dad and the perfect partner in this adventure. if only he didn't have to go to work, think of the things we could get done around here! I'm on the look out for a good handy man.

oh, and easter happened. not quite traditionally but it happened. appears the backyard is the ideal setting for a major easter egg hunt.



Emily said...

Hope you all have a long uninterrupted nights sleep!

The Silly Witch said...

Moving is always an adventure. May the loneliness disappear...

Lindsey and Adam said...

What an adventure! The packing and unpacking part of moving is my least favorite. Adam and I lived in Mesa while we were dating. We loved it and our ward. It is such a fun friendly place. I don't know exactly where you guys are, but he lived on Val Vista and University and I was on Brown and Power. We know the area very well since Adam's brother still lives there and we spent almost every weekend there. So, let us know if you need some entertainment suggestions. Good luck! We're thinking about you.

Sandi said...

It all sound normal. It is good that you finally melted and got it over with. I loved living in Mesa, and if my directions are correct, you are in a nice area. I need to come and see you.