Wednesday, April 14, 2010


*two minutes after I put beckham down for a nap he had stripped his shorts and diaper and wet in his sheets. this was two minutes before I was supposed to be on the phone for an energy call. I was superwoman changing his sheets and duct-taping a diaper on him and putting him back to bed quick as a bunny!

*seneca has been in agony for an hour. I let girls keep their blankets when they stay in their beds. It was so so so sad. Her blanket went straight into the washing machine and it was like I cut off her right arm. I'm sure she'll remember to stay in bed tomorrow.

*my children are learning that roses are not friendly. I'm not really a rose bush person. They are not especially pretty and there are other plants that I'd prefer in my yard, but we have them nonetheless. seneca can't help herself when there are flowers present, she just has to pick them. she learned rose bushes are pokey. and so did cooper.

*cooper is learning about africa in preschool and has been reviewing all sorts of cool facts about african animals.

* denten is using his new shop. he's building us a stand for the tv so we can use the hideous entertainment center that came with the house. this house is making him so handy!

* my new relief society presidency came to see me today. I will sorely miss sandi grandberry, but these ladies are nice. I'm excited to get to know the people around me.

*I finally organized my pantry today. I've been stalling hoping that lindsay would just show and do it for me, but seems as though she has her own life and it doesn't revolve around me, dang it.

* I shopped with coupons for the first time in a long time today. I'm trying to decide the best way to do that without it taking an extreme amount of effort to catch a great deal.

* I am missing dinner group big time. Having to plan a meal for every night of the week is killing me! I need to get organized in that area.


Lindsay said...

so sorry sister.

The Silly Witch said...

I love reading about your progress.

Quinn used to remove his diaper at night, too. My friend gave me some pj's that zipped up in the back. That solved that problem. Good thing your super woman!