Sunday, April 11, 2010



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- my new ward does not get new people often.  we were a novelty today.  quite the change from sophx where people were in and out all the time.

-  everyone, and I mean everyone, arrives at church early.  it was 10:50, the chapel was full, everyone was quiet and listening to the prelude music.  quiet.  as in there were not 10 two-year-olds squawking about, there was not visiting or people scurrying to their seats.  I was thinking, this is how things should be... this is what prelude music is for.  although, I wasn't sure about the extra 10 minutes of trying to get my kids to sit reverently.  one sacrament meeting is enough for them.

-  seeing as the other children were either asleep or out in the hall, my children seemed to be wearing microphones. 

-  I have not been that impressed with a ward choir ever.  the turnout was amazing and the quality spectacular.  I remember being blown away by the Babidges in NY, and honestly, nothing can top that, but this was quite impressive.

-  both the relief society and gospel doctrine teachers were very well-prepared.  they delivered great lessons and after being in primary for the last while, it was a treat to just sit and listen.  I liked the reminder that the holy ghost functions for us in the same way that the liahona did for Lehi.  as long as we are doing what we should, it will guide, direct, comfort, teach, protect and warn.

-  my little ones increased nursery numbers by 50%.

- this ward is not home yet.  it's not comfortable and I missed the familiar of vineyard, but I'm holding out hope that this will be great.  we knew when we moved here that there would not be as many young families, and that we reiterated today.  it felt a little like visiting one of our parents' wards.  the youth program is strong and huge.. which means great baby-sitters for me!

-  the pasta sauce was nearly perfect tonight and I didn't burn the cookies.  maybe I'll get the hang of this kitchen yet.

- I slept for a solid 90 minutes today.  that was heaven.

IMG_2620pre-haircuts, pre-move. 


Aunt Debi said...

I bet your ward was delighted to have a darling, new family in the ward. You kids look adorable. I still want pictures of the house. Is it new? It looks like you have mature trees for shade.

Amy said...

I am totally laughing at your ward observations. Classic. The early arrival to sacrament meeting is a big thing in that has been mentioned from the pulpit many-a-time by Pres. Gulbrandsen {who just got released}. And I am certain that they were thrilled to see a new young family, because you are right, it doesn't happen often up there. I hope you grow to love it. There are some amazing people up in that ward. And don't worry about your kids being loud...I think most people enjoy it.

Amy said...

k that comment was long. sorry. haha.

kimmalee said...

Yes, I'm sure your ward is so thrilled to have your sweet family. Man, your kiddos are cute. I LOVE senny's dress.

Joni said...

YAY for naps. And it's hard being in a new place, but in time it'll start feeling more like home.

The Silly Witch said...

Well it sounds like you'll fit right in your new neighborhood. Congrats on the nap. You deserved it.

tenacious d said...

Your family may just well be what that ward has been needing. Your kids are so dang cute, and Senny's dress is adorable and perfect on her.

I'll add my "Yay for naps!" to the everyone else's.