Saturday, April 10, 2010


I filled more black garbage bags with yard waste than we know what to do with. Denten cleaned and trimmed the heck out of this yard. He cut down more than a dozen weed trees. seriously, they had trunks.

I am much more familiar with home depot than I ever cared to be.

I own a new toilet and a new kitchen faucet. I am very excited about both. I hope it isn't a month before they are installed.

I had a man spend two hours laying out the options to redo the cabinets in my kitchen. I appreciated his time, his opinion and the quality of product, but really... does he think I'm made of money?

to answer a few questions: deirdre, this is far from a mansion! that word holds the idea of "fancy" to me and this house is far from fancy! although, I do have gold-plated faucets...
shellie, when the time comes to rid the walls of the church carpet, you may be the first to tear it down.
katelyn, there are so many weekend projects here I'll be doing them until I die. come on over anytime and set up a schedule for me!
torey, as for seeing the big picture, you'll have to be patient. I don't have any one room put together enough yet to photograph!

I did finish unpacking the kitchen today. found my cookie sheets and put my crock pots away (I only have two..)
met some neighbors today, we have good people around us.


Partridge Family said...

I LOVE reading your blog! Good luck with all the projects, they usually end up being pretty rewarding in the end!

Torey said...

Not even a picture of the front of the house? I'm sure it's gorgeous and really am happy for you. So many projects to gear up for.

Sandi said...

Amberly, Hector can build you custom cabinets to die for. I hope you can get him on the phone.