Thursday, April 29, 2010

today I learned…


- Heavenly Father will turn a day completely around for me.  This one started with me feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.  A quick minute to pray and it has turned out quite well.  I have had adequate energy to accomplish all I needed too.  I love help from heaven, there’s no better kind.

- I love hours without my children.  no, this is not new, but I enjoyed a few blissful, productive hours without them this morning and it was good for all of us.

- the right school for cooper is one that feels like home.  comfortable.  I think I might have found it.

- I still love fresh and easy.  a lot.  the lady didn't quite know what to say when I was checking out with six bags of granola and four bags of pretzels.  can't get them anywhere else, lady!

- I don't really need to shop at basha's again.  I paid twice for bread what I could have paid somewhere else.  and they don't have swim diapers.  they were friendly, though.

- I will not actually faint when faced with the narliest spider I've ever seen in real life.  big, hairy and completely heebie jeebie.  I will be totally freaked out, but I will woman up and take care of it.   


- I love good neighbors who like my kids.

- The second day of swimming lessons is not nearly as traumatic as the first.  for any of us.  This will be good.

-  I miss sonic ice so badly.  so much so that we went in search, only to find that the one we stumbled on had a broken ice machine.  curse.

-  cooper is quite tall for his age.  like taller than some 7-year-old friends.

- the african savanna has many interesting animals as well as countries.  I enjoyed my education today.  my child was a rhinoceros and said his part well. 


- If you happen to be without a diaper, a swim towel arranged just right will do just fine.

- the wind disrupts many plans and is kind of a pain.  but I'll take over the blizzard happening in the state northward.


McKelle said...

That spider would have made me scream. I am NOT woman enough to deal with that nasty thing...although, the idea of letting it escape into my house is worse. I'd have to kill it somehow.

Amy said... are surrounded by them!!!

Greenfield & Brown {by Mountainside}
Lindsey & McKellips {just west of Rosa's}
Val Vista & Southern
McKellips & Mesa Dr
Brown & Power

Should I go on?

Serious bummer with a broken ice machine time you will have a few others to hit up! :)

Torey said...

Oh my. I almost drove to a Sonic today for that very same reason. I feel pebble ice season quickly approaching.

brenda hatch said...

I know you FULLY are against cloth diapering, but since your kids swim daily, you may love this: I use one for Brody. It's super easy. It's mainly just to catch poop :) Just an idea...

It's all about sales and coupons at Bashas. Yes, they can be more expensive without those things. One thing I love about them is that they mark things down when they are about to expire. I have so much Organic milk in our freezer from them. Can't beat $.99 :)

I'm glad you're loving your new place and area. I love meeting new people. Makes me happy!

Emily said...

Ack, ack, ack, ack. You are one heck of a woman, I would have left the house until Mark came home to kill that thing. Actually Henry LOVES to "protect" me from bugs and he stomps and kills them in the most manly display I've ever witnessed. Maybe you can borrow him to kill your creepy crawlers!

The Hunt's said...

Cooper is going to be taller than me soon. And Beckham should have been the Rhino, Coop? maybe a giraffe.