Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the birthday.


a wonderfully simple day with gifts, swimming, and pink cupcakes.  she delighted in girly gifts like her tutu-swimming suit, frilly skirts and a crown.  princess dolls and a new game kept her and the boys busy all day.  she’ll celebrate on saturday with her friends. 

we received a sweet note from her birth mother who said she couldn’t let the day go by without saying happy birthday to the most beautiful person on the planet.  three years ago we knew having this little spirit in our family was a possibility, but we didn’t know she had been born yet.  she spend a quiet two weeks with her birth mom before she changed our world.  I think those two weeks were magic for both of them and as impatient as I felt at the time to meet our little girl, I’m so grateful that D got to spend that time with her daughter before she became my daughter.

may 20101

she’s gorgeous and smart and hilarious and amazing.  she’s a complete blessing.  happy day, senny-bug!


The Hunt's said...

well good thing i looked at these photos before we sent her the EXACT SAME SWIMSUIT!! love you crazy senny bug!

Annika said...

Love the suit! Where can I get one in my size?

Cammi said...

Awesome swimsuit!! Happy Birthday to her!! She's so adorable!