Friday, May 28, 2010

let’s talk about jack (and steve)


24 Series 7 ( was shot for Series 6 but never used)
Keifer Sutherland
©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

I had a whole wonderful post written and then closed live writer without saving it.  bummer.  It talked about how jack was more emotional this last season and how even though it started out slow, the day definitely picked up.  falling for renee let us see he has a heart, although in my personal opinion, jack should not do bedroom scenes.  after she died, he spent the rest of the looking for redemption, and he was out for blood.  in a big, bad way.  it was gory and gruesome and intense. 

I was hoping that the cover-up would be leaked to the media in the end.  how great would it have been to see logan sitting in his ridiculous office and have his scandal suddenly be plastered all over the major networks as breaking news?  so great.  I really wish that would have happened, but they didn’t ask for my input when writing the finale.  I couldn’t quite form a great opinion of allison taylor.  I wanted to like her, but she was a little too cowardly for me.  and logan was such a piece of work.  I loved watching him squirm under jack’s telescopic lens, but his ending was kind a bummer, too. 

it was perfect that the drama in the end centered on jack and chloe, as they have been our favorites from the beginning.  “just shoot me, dammit!”  oh, jack and chloe.  they have the best (unromantic) connection.  it was sad seeing them say good-bye, but I’m holding out hope that there will be a fantastic big screen reunion.

Shifting networks,  Grey’s finale had me holding my breath several times.  It never slowed down!  it was one bang after another, all night long.  and it was good.

and moving to the present, nash and the boys had a rough one last night.  nash, himself, had a pretty nice 4th quarter all things considered, but the number of turnovers last night is completely unacceptable.  I mean, really.  I’m holding to my opinion that when you get paid millions of dollars to play a game… play it well!!  Take care of the ball, don’t keep turning it over, make your stinkin’ foul shots and get a rebound now and then for heaven’s sake!  The 2nd and 3rd quarters last night were torture to sit through.  The 4th got good and ended with a lot of noise coming from our couch to the tv.  which denten told me was pointless because we were watching it delayed.  as if the yelling would have mattered if we were watching live…. anyway, let’s pray amare steps up and has another stellar game, the bench puts up a little fight and that richardson, hill and channing can hit their three’s like nobody’s business.  it will be great.  I like the number seven.  it’s a great number.  last night should have instilled the confidence that even after a crummy game, they can totally win it in LA.  so let’s do it, boys!!


brenda hatch said...

Didn't writer ask you if you wanted to save it?

I wonder what country Jack is living in now.

Tutz said...

Hey, way to wreck it for those of us who watch 24 on DVD when the season comes out!

T. Bateman said...

The season finale of Grey's was pretty intense as well as 24. Both great shows. But now that they are both over I'll have to find a new show. Actually the show "Parenthood" is pretty good if you are looking for another one.