Friday, May 28, 2010

end of the week.

- the rose bushes have had their first complete trim. they are all the same height. there is lots to clean out still, but progress has been made. I should acknowledge that I know you don't really care, but it's a project that for me is both strangely satisfying as well as drive-me-crazy frustrating.

- had friends swimming today. that may be the easiest way to watch six children. all contained, not making messes, having a great time... the three little ones just kicked around with me and took their turns off the diving board and the big ones played on their own. it was fun.

- I read where the wild things are tonight while the kids finished their dinner. it is a book the captivates all of them. I also found some fairy tales and other fun children's stories on itunes and loaded up my ipod. I love that they will listen to them in the car. It's like I can see them thinking back there!

- I'm on the hunt for some decent quality inexpensive lounge chairs for the pool area. No one has the thick plastic stacking kind. They would be low maintenance.

- I'm excited that it's saturday tomorrow and even more excited that monday is another saturday... what a fantastic way to do a weekend.

- Denten informed me that we have interviews at the church sunday before our meetings. hmmm... any guesses at to what new callings are coming our way??

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