Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fitness Challenge… who’s in??


A while ago, my friend Shellie participated in a “fitness challenge” with several other people.  She never fails to remind me that she won!  I was happy at the time to be a supporter, checking in with her regularly and providing encouragement, but sometimes I quietly wished I had joined her quest.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one as several others have asked her about it.  During the 12 weeks, she was successful in breaking herself of her soda habit, her afternoon chocolate snacking, developing a 6-day-a-week exercise habit and reading her scriptures every day.  She also lost 15 pounds during the process.

So… she’s introducing “Fitness Challenge Part Deux.”  I’m feeling the pressure to join.  In all honesty, there are parts that will be hard for me so I’ve been dragging my feet, but I know it would help me develop a few good habits myself.. and I just might be more motivated if you would join me!!  If you want in, you will need to mail a check for $25 to Shellie (or me, and I’ll pass it on) by next Wednesday, June 2nd.  The Challenge will begin Monday, June 7th.

Here’s the lowdown:

Each of the following will earn you ONE point per day, plus ONE bonus point per week if you don't miss a day:

No Desserts                                                       (6 points possible, plus 1 point bonus = 7 possible per week)
No Soda                                                            (6, plus 1 = 7 possible per week)
No Eating after 7:30pm                                   (6, plus 1 = 7 possible per week)
Exercising (30 minutes, elevated heart rate)  (6, plus 1 = 7 possible per week)
Scriptures (at least 1 chapter)                          (6, plus 1 = 7 possible per week)
Weekly Challenge                                             (6, plus 1 = 7 possible per week)

Wait, you say!  There are SEVEN days in a week!  That's the beauty of it, my friends - you have Sundays off. Yippee! You can look forward to that one dessert or that one soda one day a week - easier to stay on track and get back into it on Monday!

There are THREE MORE possible points per week.

ONE point per week for Weight Loss - if you've lost at least one pound, or maintained your ideal weight, you get a point.

ONE point per week for Family Home Evening - that's right - doesn't matter which night you hold it on, just as long as you organize and carry it out!  One point if you do!

ONE point per week will be a Mystery Point – participants will offer suggestionsand then one will be drawn each week.


So… what do you think?  Some of you already have awesome healthy habits and no desserts or soda will be easy-peasy.  Some of you run your little pants off anyway, so doing some form of exercise daily is no big deal.  The extra weekly challenges include things like fitting in your 5 servings of fruit every day for the week, doing 100 sit-ups every day, or getting your recommended 7 hours of sleep.  These change weekly to add a little variety and new challenge. 

Come on, you could win some decent money here… and get in shape… and develop or break some significant habits… all while having the support (and competition) of a fun group of people across the country!  We’ll share ideas and probably taunt a little, it will be great.  Let me know if you have questions… and let me know if you’re in!!!  Swimsuit body, here I come!!


The Silly Witch said...

Hmmmmm. This might be just the motivation I need to keep my "essentials" in check, even on vacation.

Will you email me your address? I think I'm in.

Torey said...

So wish I could join. Perhaps in another 2-3 months you can do a Round #2!

Amy said...

i am so in & I think I will drag scot along as well...

K said...

I think I am in too. Can you email me the address? Also, can I invite people via my blog, since I know a lot of people who may be interested.

Jaime said...

I am in! Piece of cake! I'll mail my check Monday. C'mon Maren - do it! I love a good spirit-boasting/weight-loss challenge.

Jaime said...

PS - can I send the money via pay pal? Same question as Krsitine. Can I invite folks via my blog?

tenacious d said...

I love how this includes scriptures and FHE, too. It's a great challenge. I think I'm going to do it "off the books", though. I'm sure I won't be able to do the "no soda" part, especially when I'm working overnights.

Jess said...

Okay, if Maren, Kristina, Jaime, and Diane are in, count me in too. Can you email me your new address?