Monday, May 3, 2010

in words and pictures

went for a run while getting caught up with matt, meredith and ann.

getting jobs done


famous footwear- strike out. looking for flip flops for bex.

library- strike out. closed on mondays.

costco. I like my new costco.

naps/ energy session

had tenant call and report water shooting out of the water softener. super. glad it was resolved easily.

pruning rose bushes. sorry, this deserves a few more words. yes, I pruned the rose bushes. that makes even me laugh out loud. I’m no gardener and I’m no lover of roses, but I’m sick of the mess. I cleared a lot of junk out from under the first three bushes and clipped and trimmed dead branches. roses are intimidating to me because of the thorns and yes, they hurt. there is a lot of work still to do, but we filled two big bags with junk.


jambalaya for dinner.

beckham tripped when cleaning up outside. major whallop!


basketball and reading scriptures for FHE. coop practiced lay-ups, tried to block me and I played catch with seneca and bex. we read about Lehi warning Jerusalem to repent and then departing for the wilderness. Bex thought the camels were cool.

IMG_2974IMG_2976IMG_2969(this is cooper’s photo shoot again. he tells everyone where to be and then tells me to take the pic.)

drama at bedtime when senny wouldn’t stay in bed. it’s such a bummer when she loses her blanket!

sennyshe’ll tell you how it is these days.

coop beat me at pick-up sticks.

dad just got home from Supai.

there you have it. words and pictures.


The Hunt's said...

yowsers bex! that's a doozy! if i were there i would kiss it better on your cheeks. now let's discuss senny's shirt. c-u-t-e!! let's set that one aside, aye??? and her face while giving you the biz-nass. i adore it.

Deirdre Eagar said...

I always wanted roses, Wade hates them. Somehow we dont have them ;). They can be pruned back 1/3 every year. Those plants look like they havent been pruned in like 10 years. If I were you I'd cut them down quite a bit. They'll be ugly for a while, but they will come back in the fall and be better.... Good luck. Poor Bex!

Aunt Debi said...

I love the old goose-eggs. It's kind of a coming of age thing. I think Colby Garvin had permanent goose-egg from walking until about three or four. I thought his head would stay that way after so long but he looks normal now. Great back yard for kids!

kimmalee said...

Oh poor Bex. that looks awful. Sweet little sad face he's making. And I'm with Katelyn, little Senny's sassy attitude in that picture is hilarious. You capture the greatest character moments of your kids.

Annika said...

Poor Beckham! Banks hits his head fifty times a day. I am constantly waiting for bumps and brusies to go away so I can get pictures. I finally gave up and just take the pictures anyway. It adds character, right?

Cammi said...

His poor head with that huge goose egg! Oh man.... all the kids are adorable... glad your husband is home!!

Scrap Happy said...

NICE bump, Beckster. I hope he got some ice cream out of that deal.

Emily said...

My boys all have big noggins so i feel like they tend to bang them up more than most. We always have several bumps in progress.

Love Katers comment on saving Senny's shirt. I never realized until recently why my sis is so interested in what clothes I buy for Emma. It's cause she knows that in a couple of years it will belong to her daughter!

Tutz said...

Cooper's photo shoots are great. I'm so sorry for the Bexter! That looks like a good goose egg. Don't let little smarty pants boss you around. I had the same challenge when Harrie was that age! Oh, and rip out the roses and plant peonies.

DaNae said...

Lots of action going on there at the Robinson homestead! Lovin' all the pics & commentary!