Saturday, May 1, 2010



cooper set up his own photo shoot after he made his bed.


the sprinkler can entertain for hours.



dad was braver (nicer?) than mom and allowed a bathtub party. three splashing kids with (gorgeous emerald green) carpet has not sounded great to me, but oh, what fun!

IMG_2953 IMG_2956

that’s real gold plating on my faucets. you may be jealous if you like.


everyone is nice and clean for sunday!

in other news... a new race adventure has been in the talks for the past while and the st. george tri today put him over the edge. watching the live coverage was all he needed to make a committment. I must admit, I was wishing we were there too. It's electric.

pest control came today as well as a tree-trimming guy to give an estimate. we have a new timer on the pool's booster pump and a freshly mowed front lawn. bills have been paid and new money in place for may. groceries have been purchased for the week and I stayed under my self-imposed budget. meals have been planned for the next few weeks, hopefully planning ahead will motivate me to get dinner on the table! cooper beat dent and I at candyland tonight. I'm looking forward to fast sunday. there is something I am supposed to be learning right now and I'm ready for all the pieces to come together. I like saturdays. mostly 'cause I like Denten.


Tutz said...

What cute little nakedies. I was hoping they would get to swim in the indoor pool. Yea Dad!

Nancy said...

hey, my house was built when emerald green carpet and gold plated everything were the height of fancy too! Although I don't think it's real gold.

doesn't it make you feel fancy twenty years ago?

Just the THREE of us said...

I always thought Cooper looked more like you, but he looks like Denten in the first picture. As for the bath photos, is there anything cuter than naked baby butts?

Scrap Happy said...

That bathtub has got to be easy to lean over and scrub kids, at least, no? Since it's only like 6" deep? I want to pinch those CHEEKS!