Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my kids.


I walked in to see him eating lunch and reading.  Loved the sight.  Had to capture it. 

I’m having a blogging quandary.  It’s easy to write in list-style and account for the goings on around here, but it’s getting blah.  Isn’t it more fun to read a good piece of writing about something interesting rather than a bunch of unorganized, random facts?  I agree.  Perhaps a few more posts of that sort are coming, but in the meantime, this is still my record of what’s happening in this household, so here’s some more random.

grocery store trips are much more fun when we’re all in a good mood and learning together.  beckham monitored the goods in the cart and joined seneca in trying to identify the numbers on the aisles.  she’s a great counter, but it was funny to hear her say we were on aisle 41.  we were actually on 7.  cooper was in charge of the list.  he read what we needed next and led us to where it could be found.  everyone practiced their left and right when it was time to turn.  I don’t know if beckham makes great guesses, or has an uncanny sense of direction.  we found shapes and colors everywhere.  a much more enjoyable trip than when kids are in and out of the cart the whole time, whining for snacks or rifling through my bag.  I still prefer shopping alone, but when I’ve got to take the crew, that’s the way to do it. 

seneca is outside trying to scare the birds away.  she brings me roses on a daily basis.  she is being very sweet to her brother today.  I should make note of that.  it is not always the case.  she is quick these days to let people know that she is two, her birthday is coming soon and she will be three.  she attempts to climb trees everywhere we go and is still the first person awake in the morning at our house.  the last few mornings we have had a good half an hour to read together on the couch before anyone else wakes up.  her current favorite is “silly sally,” from the library, one that cooper enjoys reading to her. 

senny on lawn bex

he did not want to be left out when I started taking pictures.  beckham loves to be with the big kids.  he likes kicking the soccer ball with his dad, playing hide and seek with his siblings and giving me squeezes.  he loves to eat and will happily go gather everyone when it’s mealtime.  he’s a pro at peddling the tricycle and can spend lots of time riding around in the backyard.  bex is into wrestling and will come jump on me whenever I am sedentary.  he requests to be tickled just to run and squeal.  he is delicious.


then there’s this one.  sometimes he’s a bossy pants and tries to get everyone to do things his way (yes, I know where he gets it), and sometimes he’s patient and kind and I hear him teaching beckham what letter “g” says.  he is delightful to me.  sometimes he’s my little boy who loves to cuddle and read and play games and sometimes he’s growing up way too fast, knows way too many things and calls me out on stuff.  he still believes that eating vegetables and getting to bed on time are the way to become big and strong.  I keep telling him I’d like him to stay just this size forever, so don’t close your eyes at night and it’s ok if you don’t eat your beans.  he’s determined to keep growing and he keeps eating his beans.  he’s a crazy pants and I love him.


The Hunt's said...

It's just impossible to decide which one is my favorite.

Katelyn & Wade said...

PS- Gooooooo Beckham!

DaNae said...

As grandpa clyde would say, "they're all sweet little apples"!

Tiffany Ann said...

I love Cooper's dress-up. Maybe it's something about being the first born, because my Reese (4) seems like the female version of Cooper. So determined to do it all, and act grown up. It's cute and sad when our babies grow up !