Monday, May 17, 2010


all the kids had learning time at the table today. the little ones worked on rectangles and letter "b." cooper did club work and handwriting. I took them one at a time to help me clean the bathrooms and empty garbages. the system worked well, kept two busy while I worked with the other one.

swimming lessons at home are getting better for the little ones. I wore coop's rash guard today and was warmer. I need to get my own. beckham is a champion on his back, jumping in by himself and loves getting rings. seneca is a strong little kicker and can swim to the wall or the step on her own power.

went running this morning and beckham didn't turn the treadmill off on me. we're making progress.

whacked at those rose bushes some more. I will conquer them.

made a real dinner. emily's chicken pasta. everyone wanted seconds.

took coop to a swim team prep class this afternoon. it was the first time he's been in a class with kids that were noticably better swimmers than he is. it was great. lots of new things taught in a really fun way. grateful to have found this teacher.

gosh darn those suns. seriously. if you get paid millions of dollars to play basketball, don't miss your free throws! and don't take shots that aren't yours. and play an inside game. ugh. let's rid ourselves of the intimidation, shall we? we'll try again wednesday.

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tenacious d said...

Okay, so, you can fit into your 5-year-old's rash guard? You are teeny! (All the information in this post and that's the thing that I chose to comment on. Sorry.)