Sunday, May 16, 2010

race season is upon us.

And I mean US.  no disrespect to the actual athletes, but I’ll have you know I ran a race of my own today.  Between the hours of 5 and 6 a.m. I dashed through breakfast, readied myself for a busy day, gathered a change of clothes for three kids, loaded the car with stroller, water, snacks, underwear, diapers, wipes, various cameras… you get the picture.  at 6 I pulled peacefully sleeping children from their beds and we trekked to tempe to find that the parking garage was closed for the day.  plan b.  except that I didn’t have one until that moment.  we found a spot across the mill bridge, piled in the stroller and high-tailed it back across the lake to the swim start.  I was sweaty before the race even started.  we found dad, kate and friends and wished them luck as they entered the water.  moved on down the way for a better view and enjoyed our cheerios and bananas.  there were several waves, and not as many racers as the last event, so it was easier to watch individuals in the water.  Cooper and I analyzed the swimmers’ strokes… not a big splash from the kick, most of the leg work is hidden under the water, elbow out, slice the water in, those that kept their heads down and breathed to the side went quicker than those who kept looking up. 


beckham trying to find his dad in the water

then we moved to where the swimmers come out of the water and into transition.  no wetsuit strippers in this event… gotta do it yourself!  we practiced ringing the cowbell and told racers they were doing great while we waited for dad to come.  we were super fast.  as soon as he passed us, we raced to where he exited transition on his bike and were there in time to send him on his way with lots of love.


exiting the swim

next we hiked around to the street side where we set up camp for a while.  we lost seneca’s flip flops somewhere on the way, but found them later.  we almost missed dent’s first pass… amid sunscreen application, water needs and snacks you can imagine that my intense focus on the athletes was a little disrupted.  he yelled “coop!”  and we all cheered for him.  it’s tricky, you know, not missing your guy.  they’re flying by so it takes some good looking out.  white helmet?  yes, but not solid.  oh, there’s a solid one.  orange top?  don’t know, could be red.  black bike?  yep, but not the right shoes.  oh, there’s silver shoes… it’s dad, hurry, it’s dad!!  yea!!!  ok, he’s gone, back to climbing on rocks for 12 minutes while he makes his turn-around. 


flying by on the bike

after we see his second pass, we hustle back down by the water for a quick potty stop and then to transition entrance.  in he comes, around we go to the other side.  run, cooper, run!  people get out of my way when I’m pushing a double bob.  great job, babe!  awesome ride, have a great run!!  yea, daddy!!  and he’s gone again.  we took a few minutes to figure out the course so we could be in the right place to see him again.  drag bob through the sand to assume position, let kids out for freedom.   need the potty again.  line up to see if the racers will give high-fives.  they do!  they love us!  beckham, don’t get on the sidewalk!  seneca, come back here!  amberly, you look like a crazy woman trying to run in five directions!  spot dad on the bridge, he’ll be coming around the corner any minute.  there he is, cheer like crazy!  cooper jets across the grass to catch him one more time around the corner.  breathe.  have a discussion about where we want to be when he finishes, keep cheering other racers on… you look strong, you’ve got this!  great run, it’s all downhill from here!  you’re doing awesome!  more high fives. 


lining up for high-fives. 



we choose a spot along the finish chute in the shade.  yell with the crowd for the racers finishing.  watch for the white hat, not that one.  white hat, orange top… he’s coming!  wahoo!  you’re almost there, kick it up a notch, babe!  (he totally did).  kick the stroller in reverse to get around the crowd and meet dad in the finish tent.  chill out while he gets food and drink.  congrats and kisses.  dad wonders why we’re all sweaty.


good race day.  beat last year’s time.  smiled a lot.                


Nancy said...

hm. is this what i have to look forward to. and i thought i was such a good wife for barely making it to the finish line.

The Hunt's said...

Well that all looks oddly familiar. except this time he's wearing a fat IRONMAN jersey. BOO YAH! Funny, we did the same thing Saturday, only in St. George!

The Hunt's said...

PS-I saw a guy wearing a blue Sugoi polka dot jersey on Saturday, I had "Go De..." out of my mouth before I realized I wasn't cheering for Denten!

Denten said...

You beat last year's time too.