Friday, May 7, 2010

this week, I found...

- a lincoln log in my bathroom.

- a new swimming suit for me.

- seneca's pajama shirt on the butter dish.

- absolutely no creepy, crawly things in my house.

- that beckham loves swimming lessons.

- my top choice for cooper's school next year.

- a fun new daytime baby-sitter.

- time to go running THREE times.

- that planning dinners does not necessarily mean they will get made.

- swim shirts for the boys.

- a new visiting teaching assignment.

- that cooper can read 80% of his scripture stories by himself.

- that denten can create great last-minute dinners from whatever happens to be in the fridge.

- cute new flip flops.

- that I can play pandora stations from my phone through the car speakers.

- beckham is still the most kissable thing on earth.

- seneca is still the most stubborn.

- and cooper is the one I currently have high expectations for.


Scrap Happy said...

Where'd you get the flip flops? I need a pic... and I desperately need flip flops, though my priority for flip flops it "comfy" versus "cute".

Tutz said...

Which school? Who's the sitter?
Where did you find a swimsuit? Running 3 times?! Cooper is a genius. Senny Stubborn???
You better send me an email.