Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's that time again...

for the Bitsilly Family Reunion! Three days in Tohatchi, New Mexico at Grandma's property. Bring tents, trailers, door prizes, lots of water and your dancing shoes and be ready for a party! JR will be on the loud speaker bright and early, so if the roosters haven't woken you up, without a doubt, he will. We'll start off with the family fun run/walk and then spend the day enjoying family, food, music and games.

costco- check
oil change- check
laundry done- check
packing- not check

Seneca has been asking all week if she can sleep in a tent at Grandma Silly's. I keep counting down the days for her. Coop can't wait for the limbo contest and the fireworks and Beckham wants to play basketball. what? that's what he said he was excited for. hey, there's a rez hoop there- maybe he has some undiscovered skillz...

Someone will braid Seneca's hair. DaNae will do someone's nails. Grandma will give a very long speech that I won't understand, but I will still be able to feel. Jo will make amazing frybread and I will eat too much of it. I will admire those eating mutton stew, but will not feel the need to participate in that particular tradition. We will go through lots of water, sunscreen and snacks and hopefully time with my book. I will sit and watch the dancing until I can't take it anymore and get up and participate even though I'm white and look ridiculous. We will catch up with cousins and enjoy the fact that all of my children are independently mobile and able to play easily. We will pray for no toads in the tent at night and no rattlesnakes in the hogan. The only thing missing will be uncle Drew, which is a major bummer.

so, until Monday... keep me in your prayers. you know, so I can get a little sleep and such...

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