Monday, June 7, 2010


about fitness challenge... day 1:

- my run actually felt pretty good, although it was inside on the treadmill as denten is out of town and I wasn't towing three extras along with me outside! there is nothing good on TV at 6:15 in the morning and I don't have a dvr in the room where my treadmill is. oh well, it felt good anyway.

- I have been overly sensitive about everything I eat, to the point where I found myself hungry a few different times today.

- I did the obligatory weigh-in this morning and documented weight and body fat starting points. my goal in all of this is not to lose weight, but rather kick a few habits and establish a few new good ones.

- 7:30 is early for me to be done eating for the night. this will be a challenge. I don't want to grab something fast (and unhealthy) just to eat before my time is up when I could wait a while and have a good and healthy meal a little later. planning ahead... that's the secret!

- I will have to be careful about snacking as tortilla chips, pretzels and other carb snacks with high sodium are available and an alternative to a "treat." I need better snack options. nuts, yogurt... what else?

- my scripture study included Ruth today. what cool women Naomi and Ruth were.

- unrelated to fitness challenge, seneca wore her new swim cap to the pool today. I took a pic with my phone, but need to get a better one. yellow swimsuit with tutu fluff, royal blue cap with white hearts on it and bright pink arm floaties. man, she was cute stuff. thanks, tess!!

- denten is on his way home from supai right now with grandma and grandpa. should be a super fun few days!!


Tutz said...

Fruit, AB, Fruit. A good snack for you!

Jess said...

Yes, fruit. I totally wanted sometihing sweet yesterday (around 3!) and I had some watermelon! Tastes like candy, counts as healthy.

My evening was rough, though. I am an evening snacker. But I resisted!