Tuesday, June 8, 2010


today grandpa went to work, investigating the funky smell coming from the water-damaged sheet rock in my bathroom. he's got a project on his hands! he and denten are now working on sprinklers outside. what fun... having grandpa here means projects get done! they have been at a stand-still for a while, time to kick it back into gear.

grandma sweated it out attending both swim lessons at noon and swim team practice at 5 p.m. I'm pretty sure she thought she was going to melt, but the kids loved showing off their stuff.

I've had both almond butter and almond milk recommended a few times to me now. they are on my list next time I hit the store. today I picked up some more wheat crackers, almonds, cashews and fruit. I also found that it's so nice working out and having time to shower when someone else is handling my kids for an hour!

I've had a few conversations and done a little more research on the idea of eating later at night. I'll continue avoiding food after 7:30 for the sake of the fitness challenge rules, but I've decided that it's not always a bad thing to eat something later. It doesn't need to be a big meal or a fat-filled sugary treat, but a little snack later in the evening is actually encouraged in many schools of thought.

Beckham had chocolate all over his face today after eating the last chocolate chip cookie in the house. I wondered if it was considered a treat if I kissed his face. I decided munching on him is a delicious treat anytime, chocolate or not. He is just yummy.

I'm almost half-way through The Goose Girl. It's interesting to me and keeps drawing me back although so far it's not going the way I would choose it to. I think someone should write the beginnings of books for me and I should finish them. I don't like to have to come with the initial idea, but once it's there I usually have strong opinions about how it should proceed.

that's all for today. my life is really hard. I read stories and swim with my kids. it's a major bummer.


Sincerely, Raynie said...

I am almost finished with The Goose Girl...keep reading. :)

brenda hatch said...

I took a health class at USU and someone asked about eating later at night. My teacher said that it doesn't matter when you get your calories, it's all the same. She said though that people that eat later, just tend to pig out more. But if you're already healthy, which you are, then I think it's a good thing to have a little snack later at night.

Tim, Jennie, Paisley and Moose said...

I like the Goose girl. there are some other books that branch off with other characters but I can't remember off the top of my head what they were. I read them like two years ago

Katelyn & Wade said...

I can vouch for almond butter. g-o-o-d. i always pick it over peanut butter now, t likes it too.

also...when i was training for the chicago marathon and wanted to be at my trimmest, i quit eating anything after 7. lost like 5 pounds within a month. granted i was running a lot, but i honestly think cutting out calories after being sedintary did the trick.

T. Bateman said...

Yes, quite the life; I love hearing all about it!