Sunday, July 25, 2010

another word for random, 'cause they just keep coming!

yesterday I mopped my entire house. with the big mop. even the rooms that aren't really used. it felt so good to have it done. and then denten walked through the laundry room and tracked something wet to the door. I acted like the world was ending and then we figured out that the washing machine was leaking. ok, that's ok. as long as you didn't mess up my clean floors... whew. and it wasn't really a leak, the hose just came off of the back. a quick fix and we were back in business.

denten worked outside all. day. long. yesterday. yard stuff, pool stuff, house stuff. it was super hot and he drank about five liters of water. the kids were in charge of picking up all the pine cones and oranges. they thought they were going to die. they came in a collapsed at the kitchen table thinking that a snack and the rest of the day off was in order. ha!

sunday naps are so wonderful. I was trying to think today why I have much better naps on sunday than any other day and I came to the conclusion that it is because first, denten is home so I don't subconsciously feel like I have to stay half awake in case one of the kids needs me and second, there aren't any obligations nagging at me that I should be doing instead of melting into my bed and floating off to never-never land. which is such a wonderful place to be.

there were 8 kids in our entire primary today. normally there are about 40. that's what summertime does to this ward... they just disappear and vacation until they have to come back to school.

I have a lot I need to get organized this week... home things, schedule things, school things... this week has the potential to be wonderful. I need to make it happen.

I made cookies tonight for the first time in a few months. I did a good job, they are yummy. My family appreciated the break from veggies. This week I must drink 64 oz. of water every day. Piece of cake considering all the ice I eat all day long, but Shellie thinks I need to drink it... phfff. Doesn't she know I already go to the bathroom twice during the night? How hydrated does she think I need to be?! Just kidding, I'll drink my water, ugh.

And so we don't end on a complaint, I'll document here that I'm grateful for my life right now. It's easy to fall into the trap of listing all the things I would change if I could, but we are completely blessed. I'm grateful this week that my children know they have an army of angels around them every day and that they call on them for help. We've seen their hands several times recently and I'm grateful that their little testimonies are growing.

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McKelle said...

64 oz of water would be difficult for me, but I should be doing it. My husband would tell you how bad eating ice is for your teeth! It's awful I guess.