Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mccall 2010: the treasure hunt


bear with me.  my husband takes a lot of pictures.  not complaining… I’m happy to have them, just gets a little overwhelming sometimes!

one of our first days at the cabin there was a knock at the door.  we opened it to find a note from the mccall pirates asking the kids to please take care of their treasure while they were away.  trouble was, we didn’t know where the treasure was… and thus the hunt.  they gave us clever clues to follow in order to find the map, small surprises on the way, and eventually a buried treasure chest on the beach… it was fantastic!


IMG_4267 IMG_4273 IMG_4281 IMG_4290 IMG_4313 IMG_4335 IMG_4338 IMG_4343 IMG_4346

sister, it’s a bummer you did such a good job… you may be in charge of the treasure hunt every year!


Cammi said...

That is too much fun and oh my heck all those kids are soooo stinkin cute!

Scrap Happy said...

Oh MAN, I want to go water skiing. Good job Cooper! Did he get up? Why aren't there any pictures of YOU Amberly? And man oh MAN do I love Senny's hair all curly like that - I assume that's a post-braid "do"?

McKelle said...

What a fun activity. Good idea to keep in mind for family get togethers! Mccall looks amazing!