Tuesday, July 20, 2010

seven things.

**I've been cleaning my little pants off this morning. My children have been playing very well with each other for hours and I have gotten a lot done. The family room is a complete disaster zone, but the rest of the house has made tons of progress.

**This is the first time I have come home from vacation to this home and while I still love my home, it's a little lonely. I want great friends closer to me. My circle of friends has changed a little since we moved and they are not all within 3 minutes of me, which is ok, but sometimes I miss the closeness.

**Adoption paperwork is in the mail and out of our hands. Dent and I are both ok if nothing happens right away, but I figure this way Heavenly Father can orchestrate things the way he needs to without us stopping Him. I've got to get this household under control before another one joins the madness!

**Speaking of madness, school starts in less than a month and we don't know which of two schools Coop will be walking into on the first day. We're going to need a lightening bolt to hit here for a decision to be made. soon, please.

**McCall was fabulous, as usual. There are zillions of pictures and you'll see them eventually, but it takes to much time to sift through them right now.

**I think swim team is over. Maybe one more day Wednesday if we want to go, but mostly it's done. Weird. Normal dinner routine can resume... I better gear up! Although tonight it's salmon tacos and they sounds delish to me.

**Finished River Secrets, the last of the Bayern Books, on vacay. I'm into The Help and believe I will really like but suddenly the time to read all but vanished...


Patria said...

oooooh! such a good idea that treasure hunt with buried treasure on the beach! thanks to you i just got my plan for Ruby's bday party this year! since bday party creativity is not my strong point- this is very exciting for me!

all the best for the adoption possibility! fun news!

i'm jealos of all the good books you're reading!

Lindsay said...

dont wait for a lightening rod! you'll be waiting for a long time... just ask andy.