Saturday, July 31, 2010

mellow saturday

saturdays with nothing scheduled are rare. well, work is always scheduled, but no other major commitments, which was nice. yard work, house work, swimming and groceries. denten laid flooring over the place in the living room where the former owners had taken their built-in shelf, so it's no longer concrete. I started removing carpet in the kid's bathroom. cleaned all bathrooms, vacuumed, swept, major family room clean-up, installed a hook-and-eye lock on beckham's door, read during nap time, denten cleaned out the water softener... hopefully that will help the hard water issue in the dishwasher. he and cooper swept pooled water off the roof after it rained. grateful there weren't leaks in the places we had the roof repaired, but bummed to find a new leak. grateful it's minor. found some yummy new things at trader joe's, actually planned meals for the week (miracle). getting job lists and schedules in place for when school starts next week... 7:45 is early to be at school, we've got to be on top of things! off to fold laundry and finish consuming my H2O for the night.

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