Wednesday, July 28, 2010

seneca is great.

Yesterday when we were in the pool, I heard Seneca tell Beckham, "I am a great swimmer." Beckham repeated it and said that he was also a great swimmer. Seneca agreed and off they went together.

This morning we're at the table during learning time. Beckham has been working on his colors this week. Seneca spent some time on her letters and then they both were coloring. Seneca is enthralled with coloring lately and is very focused during her work. She didn't look up when she told me, very matter-of-factly, "mom, I am great at coloring." I had to agree.

I suppose it could have sounded a little cocky, the way she was touting her abilities, but I hope that her confidence continues her whole life. She is going to encounter magazine covers and media outlets and unkind people who will attempt to make her think that she is less than great and if she can internalize the idea now that she is a Daughter of a King, and that means greatness, then it will allow her to soar right over all of the inadequacies that are inevitable coming at her as a female in this generation.

She's beautiful and strong and destined for amazing things. And I'm glad she knows it. And if you ask, she'll also tell you that she is a great reader. And she fully believes that.

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Nancy said...

You should watch the youtube video called "Jessica's Daily Affirmation." Seneca might be able to relate.