Wednesday, August 18, 2010

do you ever...

... find yourself picking up books and returning them to the bookshelf All. Day. Long?

... simply pretend your children aren't there after they get out of bed 57 times?

... close your eyes as you pass the laundry room so you don't have to see what's in there?

... get excited to see a package by your front door only to find a new phone book?

... put a child back to bed at 5:20 a.m. only to hear him clanking around in the garage at 6?

... send your children outside to eat at least three meals after you've mopped the floor?

... wonder how long your school boy will eagerly kiss and hug you before he runs to class?

... put on your jacket and wonder why the sleeves are all wet?

... mandate 20 minutes of eyes closed even when there is very strong insistence that he's not tired?

... wonder why it's so quiet and find two little ones sitting side by side on their potties doing their thing?

... hear your oldest use the words, "opportunity" and "appreciate" in a prayer?

... listen to imagination seeping out of them in the next room and wonder where it came from?

... feel as though taking a time out in your room with a book would be in the best interest of everyone?

... feel grateful that you dumped something in the crock pot in the morning so there was dinner available?


Amy said...

yes. yes. yes. to all of the above. well not all of it, but you know the ones.

swimming again on friday if you want to come. can you tell the heat is driving me crazy?!?

Leslie said...

Yes to most.

Emily said...

Okay, seriously, you are going to have to duck tape the B-man to his bed. This getting up in the 5's is just not okay!

Funny thing, Henry uses the word "opportunity" in his prayers all the time. It started after spending a week in UT with Gram and Papa. He usually says "and we're so thankful for the opportunity" we still don't know what opportunity he's referring to but we'll just be glad he's thankful for it!

Emily Malinka said...

I got excited for that yellow bag the other day too... and it wasn't even the big phone books!