Sunday, August 22, 2010


This week found me with different groups of girlfriends on four separate occasions. While I could say that living away from family means I need them more, the truth is that I imagine I would still need them just as much. I thought after I left New York that I would never find girls I loved as much as those dear friends. It took a while, but the south Phoenix girls are ones that I enjoy immensely and admire greatly. I am blessed to have incredibly talented friends who take me just as I am. I had the same fear moving here that I would struggle for girls I could connect with and really be comfortable with. Again, it took a few months, but there are a few that I see bits of myself in and enjoy being with. As chance would have it, our ward is being realigned next week and I think I am being separated from a good number of them. There are awesome girls in this area, some a little further south, some west, all who humor me enough to drive to hang out with me on occasion.

Don't get me wrong, I've got an awesome husband, but I need my girls. Conversations with my girlfriends can revolve around topics oh, so trivial and some incredibly important to each of us. We discuss celeb gossip, fashion and home decor. We commiserate and conquer issues around being stay-at-home moms and attempting to raise righteous children. We support personal ambitions, brainstorm and problem-solve. Cooking , sex, money, hair, coupons, exercise and education... we've covered it all. My friends challenge me. They give me new ideas to mull over, they listen and advise. They make me laugh my head off and occasionally share tears. I can count on them to be supportive in whatever I am pursuing and to love my children dearly.

I am blessed to have great friends all across the country, ones that share ideals, some that don't and love me just the same. They are fabulous examples of strong women who embrace where they are in life and are constantly reaching higher. They are partners in their marriages, great mothers and have maintained an identity while performing those roles. I haven't been in this area long enough to be up in arms about new changes coming like many around me, but I was sad when I realized that most likely I would not be in the same ward with some of these women that I had come to develop relationships with. Denten reminded me that while we may be losing families, we will most likely be gaining new ones and with that comes the possibility to create new friendships. Starting over can be discouraging, but I do it with the hope to find friends like those already in my life. I am lonely without my girlfriends and am very grateful to have them.

(chances are they include you. I love you!)


McKelle said...

I'm with you Amberly, girlfriends are a must. However, you probably make friends a lot easier than I do. I keep with my old ones, and don't gain new ones often...but that also comes with living within the same zip code I've lived in for 75% of my life. Unfortunately, I don't get together with friends as much as I would like. Hope you find some good friends in the new ward.

kimmalee said...

That was beautifully put. There are some things that you can only do or discuss with girlfriends, but it is so hard to find and make truly great girl friends. Changes are hard.

Amy said...

Yes I know some very sad peeps about the ward realignment {i am one of them!} boo. BUT i have to say one can never have too many girlfriends!