Friday, August 27, 2010

friday morning.

crazy bex

Cooper has invited a bunch of new friends to come swimming after school today. A party required a major yard clean-up. We all worked hard yesterday and dad went in late to work this morning to help us finish up. Well, some of us cleaned up… some of us played on the swings.

I’ve long been aware of socks disappearing in the laundry, but we have a problem of them disappearing before they even make it there. Cooper has gone through all of his and my socks and even after doing all the laundry, there were no clean ones to be found today. Getting socks to the laundry after you take them off is proving a difficult task! And he insists on wearing shoes and socks each day because they are comfortable and he can run faster in them than in his sandals or flip-flops.

Seneca gets random bloody noses, mostly at night or first thing in the morning. Not frequently, but randomly.

Beckham gets random kisses from his mother. Mostly all day, during the night and first thing in the morning. Frequently and randomly.

Both of these littles aren’t so little anymore. They tell me this every day. Look, mom! I’m getting bigger! They take good naps and eat their food because it makes them bigger. Sometimes they forget their manners and stand up on their chair at the table to show me just how big they are getting.

I need to take advantage of gap’s 30% off this weekend. I’d prefer to go to a store and make my selections, but this weekend may be too full to squeeze that in. I suppose an online order isn’t so bad.

I’ve been having tomato sandwiches regularly for lunch. It’s unbelievable, I know, considering my previous extreme dislike for tomatoes and mayo, which are both a vital part of this sandwich. They are supposed to be broiled, but I just grill mine. sourdough bread, or some yummy olive oil and rosemary bread I found, tomato slices that have been sitting in balsamic vinegar, herbed mayo with oregano and garlic, spinach and parm cheese. Denten can’t handle tomatoes or vinegar, so this combination is repulsive to him, but it’s satisfying something for me these days!

Before Coop runs out the door with his dad in the morning, he must give his younger siblings a hug and kiss good-bye. He insists even if he’s running a little late. He’ll tear through the house or yard until he finds them, give them a big hug and tell them to have a great day. Sometimes if the hug lasts too long, they all tip over and end up in a big laughing heap on the floor. He also makes it a point to find them when he gets home. I’m grateful he loves them and acknowledges that they miss him when he’s gone all day.


Annika said...

The hat is hilarious!

Tutz said...

MMMMMM, try a grilled tomato, pesto, and provolone cheese sandwich, and give the kids a kiss for me.

Lindsey and Adam said...

I love that picture of your kids. They looks like they are having so much fun and.... that sandwich sounds delicious. I think I have most of the ingredients here at home and I may have to try that for lunch today.