Monday, August 30, 2010


our ward was dissolved yesterday. what used to be our ward was split right down the middle, both pieces combined with other areas. why is that so hard? the gospel is still true, we will still worship and serve and love, so why is it so hard? is the social aspect of attending church so strong that we fight having to attend with different people? some have. a lot. I'm sad to be separated from some people that I know I won't see as often, but it's not the same for me as it is for some who have been here for many years and raised their families together. a sister told me today that she will miss most those whom she has served with. it's true that we come to love those we serve and serve with. I'm excited for new opportunities for me and for my family. I'm hopeful for a boy cooper's age, as there have been zero so far. I didn't think this change would be so hard for me, I didn't realize how much I looked forward to being with my ward family. It hurts a little. However, there are amazing families still with us and we have been added to others that will be amazing as well. my thoughts aren't organized as I think about all the aspects of this change, but I'm feeling loss, more than I anticipated.

growth doesn't come without change. right? right. get out of the box and grow a little. my box was just getting comfortable. guess there's more growing to do. let's get a move on.


Jess said...

That happened to us, too, about 7 months after we moved into the ward. I wasn't broken up about it like the long timers were, but I was sad because some of the people I had been getting to know were on the other side of the line.

Change means growth. Get ready for a new calling! :)

Amy said...

Totally feel ya. I was looking at the boundaries at my parents & I think you got the hardest or biggest change, which is always an adjustment.

good luck. i'm sure you'll grow to love it, we always do. it is just the initial shock waves.

Michelle Burk said...

Change is good. Change brings growth. Change adds different talents and blessings to your life. Come on Energy Master--Positive thinking here. You've got this one, you'll love it!