Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have artists living in my house. In fact, they believe that this house is their art gallery. The actual house, as in the walls. We have spent a lot of time coloring lately and somewhere along the line the crayons and pencils moved from the paper to the walls. We spent some quality time with the Mr. Clean magic eraser today. That thing is a lifesaver.

Seneca may or may not be asleep in her bed right now with ballet slippers on her feet. That's how excited she is to start dance class tomorrow.

She has also thrown some impressive tantrums this week. Gotta give the girl points for stamina. And me too.

Bex has been completely delightful lately. He got his hair cut Sunday and is so dang cute I can't handle it. He does things I think are funny just to get me to laugh at him like pull his jammie pants way up high. He's an awesome eater and goes to bed without a fuss.

Cooper and I have been reading the the first book in the Boxcar Children series at bedtime after scriptures. This is a change-up from Magic Tree House. The chapters are longer, but we're both liking it. I never really read these books, although I think one of my sisters really liked them... Katelyn, maybe?

Adoption certification is final. I feel perfectly content right now that the right little spirit will join our family whenever the time is right. I don't think it will happen quickly, but I'm not in charge.

Shout out to my dad who was a year older Sunday. He's pretty much the coolest old man I know, but don't tell him that. He gets a big head easily.

We made a decision on lights for the entry, dining and living rooms. They're pretty cool and I'm excited to get them up!

Coop had music class today. He came home excited to show me the chords he was learning, except that he doesn't know they are called chords yet... they are "tricks with his fingers." Love it. This program is really cool. We are practicing five days a week, which I thought would be a lot, but it's been fun and I love the things he's learning while thinking he's playing. brilliant.

I said the word, "cool" a lot in this post.

Denten just walked in from his swimming lesson. Better go give him some love. He is my one and only, you know. 'night.


The Hansen's said...

Gotta love the magic eraser, it is the best! Good to know it works on crayon, I'm sure that will happen at our house sooner than later.

Scrap Happy said...

FINALLY - okay which lights did you decide on?

Tutz said...

Interesting tidbits you revealed in this post...Bex, pulling his pants up high to make you laugh. Does that remind you of a certain "Bonj"? Have to agree with Scrap, FINALLY, on the lights! And did you put Dent in swim lessons, too? Let us know how dancing goes. Should be fun!