Saturday, August 7, 2010

two dates.

I had two dates today. The first was with Seneca to get her hair cut. She found the scissors again this week and wasn't nearly as gentle as the first time. We tried to keep some length and just taper it back, taking about two inches off the back, but it still doesn't look good. We need to make it shorter. But she was great about getting it cut... didn't move a muscle.

The second was with Cooper. We went school shopping. I debated going without him thinking he wouldn't really care what I got, but decided it would be fun to do it together. Seems the kid has his own opinions and they vary greatly from mine sometimes. Some of the stuff we came home with would not have been purchased had I gone on my own. Especially his backpack. We talked about avoiding the skull and crossbones motif, but in the end it was his very favorite. My opinions are being overturned on several issues around here lately, seems they are not as important as I thought they were. I found it hard to buy jeans and long-sleeve shirts when it's still 100 degrees outside, but there were very few summer clothes left to choose from. We got a few things simply because they were on sale, but they won't be worn for a few months still. We did agree on a cool pair of shoes, avoiding anything that lights up. Thank heavens. Cooper is proving to continue his long and lean trend. He is easily a size 6 in pants, some I would have preferred even a little longer, but they drown him around the waist. Thank goodness for adjustable waists, belts and slim fit.

We talked a little about what school will be like next week and what he can expect. This has been hard for me because he is not going to be having the experience at school that I was hoping he would, but I want to be genuinely excited for him and for this adventure. It was fun to spend the day with him, to talk about what kinds of things he'd like to take for lunch and what his days will be like. There is going to be more expected of him at home in regards to learning time and homework due to what might be lacking at school. I feel somewhat inadequate to give him what he needs, but I have access to great resources and he has a great desire to do well and keep learning.

I have many thoughts on my oldest child starting school. We talked today about when he was born, how small he was, what he wore. I told him I was sad he was getting so big and that I wish he would listen to me and quit growing. He told me to be patient, that I would get another baby and it was ok that he was getting bigger. Somehow the discussion incorporated the idea of adoption so we spent some time talking about what that means. I love that he doesn't see his sister as different. He likes the idea of another baby coming to our family that way someday and said that because he was big, he could be very helpful with a new baby. He is caught between two worlds right now, sometimes seeming so innocent and sheltered and sometimes talking about such wise things I wonder where it came from. I am not looking forward to the exposure to certain new things that will inevitable meet him at school. We have enjoyed a blind eye to pop culture and media characters that I'm afraid will no longer be secret. I'm trusting that he will keep his focus where it should be and his sweet little spirit as he navigates this new world. He said he would be patient with me as I have never been a mom to a kindergartner before. He said we could learn how to do it together. I like that.

We finished the day by going to dinner tonight to use gift certificates the kids got from the library this summer for their reading program. I love my kids.


Steph said...

Darn those kids and their opinions. ;) Makes school shopping trickier huh? I hear ya. My opinion seems to matter less and less these days. Love your cute kids!

Aunt Debi said...

Boy, Amberly, you are a sweet mama! You are smart to have those close talks while they are young so they will be comfortable coming to you as they get older. Cooper is so sweet and smart. A perfect big brother.