Monday, August 9, 2010

swimming, tractors, reading

seneca started learning breathing to the side today in swimming. it's kind of hilarious to watch her little body turn to lay on her side and then continue swimming. she laughed all the way through the lesson being super silly.

beckham thinks he can do anything his siblings can do. if seneca can do a knee-dive, then he can too! this will prove to be a great thing if his siblings give him good things to exemplify.

we cleaned out cooper's clothes today removing all the too-small stuff and organizing new school stuff. he's got enough everyday clothes but is seriously lacking in pajamas and sunday clothes. he sleeps in jammie pants with holes in the knees or that are way too short. his sleep shorts look like they belong on beckham! his sunday shirts are getting too small and he wants more tie variety.

the tractors were pulled out this morning. and then the barn needed to be put together. and then all of the farm fencing. and then we needed animals and farmers... my family room looks like a ranch but at least everyone is getting along. uncle ben would be proud.

cooper built an eagle's nest. he used every possible blanket and pillow and is planning to spend quiet time in his nest with his library books. sounds good to me.

this afternoon we get to meet Coop's teacher and have him see his new school. we're both excited to get this party started!

I am reading Keeping Faith and I like it, but I'm not getting through it as fast as I would like. Every time I go to read I can't keep my eyes open for very long. I have been so tired- this week has got to bring better sleep than last.

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