Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a school boy


Dear Mrs. H,

You asked us to let you know a little about Cooper... I'm happy to introduce him to you!

Cooper has had a few years at a great preschool. He has enjoyed both the academic learning experiences as well as the social opportunities. He is reading and shows a fun sense of satisfaction when he figures out new words. He has been reading Bernstein Bears books to us lately and enjoys listening to the Magic Tree House books. He also reads his scriptures with us each night. He can be a little impatient with his writing when I think he’s being lazy and not giving me his best work. Cooper enjoys basic addition and subtraction but we haven’t gone much further than that with math.

Cooper doesn’t know any other children in Kindergarten at I (school) but is eager for friends. He can be quiet and shy until he warms up, but he’s a lot of fun after that.

He is a registered member of the Navajo tribe. You’d never know from his blond hair! His great-grandmother still raises sheep on the reservation. Cooper enjoys getting together with his Bitsilly cousins every year for a reunion.

Cooper loves to play soccer and swim. He likes to ride his bike, snow ski and tried water skiing for the first time this summer. He has a competitive streak and likes to push himself to succeed.

He loves to play games. UNO and ‘go fish’ are regulars at our house.

Cooper is the big brother in our home. He has two younger siblings- Seneca is three and Beckham is two. He is a patient and kind brother. Cooper has a sweet spirit, I hope you will get a chance to know him and that you both will enjoy this year together.

Good luck, Cooper!! We love you like crazy!!

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tenacious d said...

Great intro to a great boy! How could she not love him? Can't wait to hear about Coops adventures as a kindergartener and your impressions of the experience.