Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday ramblings

sometimes when I ask seneca to do something, she answers me, "yes, master" and salutes. I don't know where she got it, but it's hilarious.

beckham did awesome watermelon rolls off the diving board today at swim lessons.

coop had a great first day of school. he didn't so much appreciate the writing practice I had him do at home, but if he doesn't get it at school, he'll have to do it at home! school gets out right in the middle of nap time... gotta find a solution to that. there is a bus option, but I don't like that he would spend an extra half hour on the bus when I can just bring him right home.

we have termites. joy, joy, joy.

last week we got a new water heater. we have a new a/c fan. we need tile in the bathroom, I have three toilet devices in my bathroom currently and there has been talk of getting rid of the stinky family room carpet. I'm pretty sure there will be a project around here until I die. if only all these trees had money on them...

school has begun, which should mean fall, but it doesn't. I still sweated through 105 degrees during swimming today. I don't mind the heat, but it seems weird that school is in and it doesn't smell crisp outside.

my kids think it's fun to put on socks and skate around. cheap entertainment.

speaking of entertainment, this afternoon beckham was playing the piano and seneca was up on the ladder with her microphone, belting out something dramatic.

several have asked if I cried today as I sent my little boy to school. no. I kind of thought I would, but I've been crying pretty solid for the last two weeks about other school issues and I guess I didn't have any left today. he was fine, so I was fine. his school experience is a sensitive topic. I hold it together if I don't think much about it.

I'm pretty sure there were more articles of clothing, bedding and towels in my laundry room than in the rest of the house combined earlier this week. I literally had to step over piles to get to my broom closet. it was all sorely neglected. I'm pleased to say that this afternoon the floor is clear and the bins are empty. and it's almost all put away. that's major. you may be proud of me. denten will think there was a laundry miracle.

I'm in a dinner rut. Am I always in a dinner rut? I need to print off ashlee's cookbook, I think it holds answers for me.


brenda hatch said...

Do we get to hear about the sore subject of Cooper's school sometime?

The Silly Witch said...

Anyone who can get ahead on laundry deserves a badge of honor. I feel happy if the kids have something in their drawer and don't have to go digging in the dryer.

i don't really cry when I send my kids to school, either. I love 'em, and I'm happy to have 'em near me, but school is a good place too.

I'd have loved to hear Bex and Seneca. What a riot!

And sorry about the termites. That sucks.

Scrap Happy said...

Has Senny been watching Aladdin? 'Cause she might have gotten the "Yes master" from the genie.

How bad are the termites?

Patria said...

hi! fun updates, i can't believe how fast summer went. i really don't think you need to worry about cooper's learning- he's reading! he does all kinds of things! he's so well rounded and smart! your kids are thriving. they're going to excel no matter what school they attend- that's my thought (: and if parts of the school are a little rough around the edges, then he'll gain the additional skills of being able to navigate all kinds of social situations and befriend all kinds of people. it's the kids who live in bubbles that i worry about (: i don't know if that makes sense or applies, but you guys are doing awesome!

Torey said...

Just saw this site on a friend's blog ( For $5 a month you get recipes, meal plans, and a grocery list. Thought I'd share...